At Hayden Wrecking, we have an impeccable safety record while working in an environment that is continually changing.  The success of our safety performance is a result of our commitment to training, up-to-date equipment, and most importantly, the long-term experience of our personnel.

Our customers expect projects to be completed with zero incident or accidents of any kind.  Many implement stringent requirements before any work can begin, such as maintaining an EMR below 1.00 as well as becoming pre-qualified through third party safety qualifying companies such as BROWZ, PICS, and ISNetworld.


“At Hayden Wrecking we believe safety starts with building and fostering a positive safety culture. This culture starts on day one with each employee to assure they understand that nothing takes priority over their safety and the safety of all Hayden Wrecking employees. We instill safety and hazard prevention throughout the organization to assure each employee goes home safe to their families every night. This safety commitment is not new to Hayden Wrecking as we have maintained an industry leading safety program for over 70 years.”

– Nick, Brian and Ben Hayden

We take great pride in continually improving our safety program to truly be a world class safety organization. We strive to achieve this by conducting activities such as weekly, monthly and yearly corporate safety meetings, completing JSA’s (Job Safety Analysis) on a daily basis, and creating site specific safety plans for each project. Hayden Wrecking assures every employee has the training, experience, equipment and support to do their job safely and all employees have full Stop Work Authority if they recognize a potential hazard. Employees not only have this right, but are encouraged, expected, and even rewarded for using it.

Hayden Wrecking field personnel receive extensive safety training that starts with the comprehensive Hayden Wrecking safety orientation and are also trained in OSHA, MSHA, E-RAILSAFE, HAZWOPER, and many other safety protocols.






Safety Awards

Safety is an integral part of everything we do at Hayden Wrecking and the core component of our company culture. Our safety department includes our full-time Corporate Safety Director, our Field Safety Managers and administrative support that bring over 40 years of construction safety experience to our projects. Our experience modification rating is at .95 and we have received numerous safety awards.

“Hayden continued a working relationship that the National Demolition Association has had with OSHA for the last 10 years, by providing a real world look at the demolition Industry. OSHA often suffers because of their punitive reputation and does not usually get good opportunities to see first-hand how industry sectors truly operate. Hayden Wrecking went above and beyond on this visit by OSHA and showed all the aspects of the equipment and practices of the industry. This was described by some of the OSHA compliance officers as the best class that they have ever participated in during their time at OSHA.”
Mike Casbon, ERM