Project Portfolio


Client: Westlake Chemical
Location: Calvert City, KY
Project: Cooling Tower #5 Demolition
Year: 2014  Duration: 1 month
Project Description:
Westlake Chemical contracted with Hayden Wrecking Corporation to demolish the existing 45’ x 60’ x 50’ tall 2 cell cooling tower during a department shutdown.  The cooling tower was adjacent to a control room and equipment that was to remain in place.  The basin for the cooling tower was to remain in place and to be left undamaged.  The project schedule allowed 12 hours to complete demolition and clean up so a new cooling tower could be erected in the same foot print.  Hayden Wrecking utilized an Ultra High Demolition Excavator equipped with a rotating sorting grapple to demolish the cooling tower and load out debris into dumpsters provided by Westlake Chemical.