Project Portfolio


Client: Atlas Industrial Contractors/General Motors
Location: Arlington, TX
Project: Body Shop – Existing Equipment and Structure Removal
Year: 2013 - 2014  Duration: 2 months
Project Description:
Atlas Industrial Contractors was contracted by General Motors to remove the existing equipment and structures in the Body Shop and install new equipment during a plant shut down.  Atlas Industrial Contractors subcontracted the removal of the existing equipment and structures to Hayden Wrecking Corporation.  The project schedule required the work to be performed 24 hours around the clock until it was completed so the plant could return to operating.  The facility conditions required precautions be taken to protect equipment, structures, etc. that were to remain in place.  Hayden Wrecking utilized small equipment and manpower to dismantle the equipment and structures.  All materials from the dismantling operations were taken to a lay down area outside of the building so it can be loaded and taken off site by a recycling vendor.  Hayden Wrecking exceeded the project schedule and was awarded additional work to be completed in the original scheduled time frame.