Woodward & Curran/Siemens


Kansas City, MO


Soil Remediation & Above Ground Storage Tank Relocation

Woodard and Curran was contracted by Siemens to remediate contaminated soil, replace with suitable materials, construct a new concrete tank containment, relocate existing tanks to the new tank containment, install piping, electrical, and demolish the existing concrete containment. Woodard & Curran subcontracted all of the work to Hayden Wrecking. Hayden Wrecking utilized a standard configured excavator and 40-hour Hazwoper trained personnel to perform the contaminated soil remediation. We also managed the construction of the new concrete tank containment, relocated the existing tanks, installed piping and electrical utilizing local approved subcontractors. After the existing tanks were relocated, a standard configured demolition excavator equipped with a hydraulic breaker was used to remove containment. We then loaded out, backfilled, graded, and seeded the site.