Oglethorpe, GA


Salt Cake Tower and Calciner Dismantling

Weyerhaeuser contracted with Hayden Wrecking to dismantle a Salt Cake Tower and Calciner at its facility in Oglethorpe, GA. Both structures were in close proximity to existing operations. Hayden Wrecking demolition craftsmen trained in lead exposure utilized manlifts, cutting torches, and a hydraulic crane to dismantle the Salt Cake Tower. An Ultra High Demolition Excavator equipped with a rotating shear was used to dismantle the upper portions of the Salt Cake Tower to grade. Due to the Calciner’s material thickness, our craftsmen further utilized manlifts and cutting torches as well as the Ultra High Demolition Excavator and rotating shear to dismantle, The salvageable materials generated from both structures were taken to a recycling firm lessening the impact on local landfills.